Back pain when breathing

Back pain when breathing causing shortness of breath?

Experiencing back pain when breathing during a deep breath after a long day can be both alarming and confusing. This discomfort, though often a brief and minor issue, can sometimes persist as a troubling pain, making it hard to breath raising concerns about serious health issues involving the lungs or heart and whether urgent medical care is required.

In this article, we delve into common reasons behind why you may have pain in the back when breathing and shortness of breath, steps for management, and indicators for when professional medical advice is necessary or if it may be something you can deal with yourself.

Respiratory illnesses or physical trauma can inflame lung and rib cartilage tissues, leading to painful breathing. The chronic coughing can can cause strain in the ribs and intercostal tissue. You may have just dealt with a respiratory issue like the common cold or Corona Virus (COVID-19). Inflammatory disorders or autoimmune disorders can also be the culprit to soft tissue iritation. Additionally back pain can be caused by constipation from increased pressure inside the body. Diagnosis and treatment from a chiropractic perspective, including x-rays and specific care plans, can offer relief for these conditions.


While less common, it’s important to recognize that back pain when breathing can occasionally signal serious conditions like heart attacks or pulmonary embolisms. Being aware of the varied symptoms of these conditions, especially in women, can be lifesaving. Important things to watch out for our heart disease running in the family. Make sure to check with your doctor to rule our cardiovascular disease.

A common cause of sharp pain when inhaling is from a misaligned rib where it connects to either your spine or your sternum. Often times in this case the pain will be off to the side of your spine or sternum. This can be triggered by bad posture or spinal alignment.

Chiropractic care stands out as a drug-free, non-surgical approach to managing back pain associated with breathing. By focusing on the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms, chiropractic treatments, including adjustments and therapeutic massage, can provide significant relief and improve functionality. So wither you are feeling back pain in the middle of your back, or pain on the left side of your back, or pain on the right side of your back we treat your spine as a whole and will leave no stone unturned. Back Pain when breathing


Back pain caused from breathing is all different. Treatment options are plentiful and range from chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue work, physical therapy, natural remedies, and over the counter medications.

At Oak Health, we can take care of your pain when breathing. From adjustments to Acoustic wave to giving you stretches and exercises. Lets get to the root cause of your back pain today.

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